When you get bored with the wines at the grocery store, that means you are ready for the next level.

My ultimate goal is to guide you through that next step, because the rabbit hole is deep.

-Pre-curated Seasonal 6 packs are a great way to start your journey.

-I am the East-side Wine Fairy! I bring the adventure to you!

-Free Delivery within the Portland-metro boundary (six bottle minimum). Order straight from this site, or for large orders, contact me via Email to get started!

-Specializing in pre-curated and custom cases.

-Consultation services for home cellars, events, and restaurant/bar wine programs.

-Sommelier services will enhance the experience of your event.

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Hi!  My name is Bonny MacDonald, and I am the owner of Bottle Trip Wines; here to offer you an adventurous, and welcoming hand- down into the rabbit hole of wine.

I am a one person wine shop & adventure guide- offering you some stellar selections and resources to aid you on your wine journey.

The mission is to help people explore their curiosity for wine, and offer direction once they are ready to move beyond what they are used to.


Read more about my wine background here.