Collection: Seasonal 6 packs

Curated with intention. These 6-packs will ensure you are set up with a range of possibilities within a given wine category.

Choose a one-time purchase or start a subscription!

  • Most of the wines I choose are special.  They are low in supply and high in demand. 

  • Sometimes the wines are allocated to only several choice accounts, and I was lucky to receive a few. 🙌

  • The wines I select are most often from smaller wineries, ranging from 1-person operations to small businesses where everyone does everything from the farming to the labeling.  These business models are contrary to the factories that can pump out the same wine year after year.  So they may be a one-time-only experience.

If any wine pictured within a 6-pack, becomes unavailable, I will substitute it with another wonderful wine that fits the theme.