About BTW

My name is Bonny MacDonald, and I am the owner of Bottle Trip Wines; here to offer you an adventurous, and welcoming hand- down into the rabbit hole of wine.

There is so much more to explore outside of the mass-produced wines available at the grocery stores, and I am here to offer you some stellar selections and resources to aid you on your wine journey.

I have studied and sold wines of the world for 15 years now. I choose quality, delicious wines that are special in some way, often from smaller wineries that range from a 1-person operation to small family businesses where everyone pitches in.  

The wines I feature:

I look for risk-takers who are working with rare and lesser-known grapes, or trying unorthodox styles and blends.  I am super passionate about Oregon wines in particular, and it is important to me, to highlight a diverse array of passionate winemakers who care about the community and land in which they operate.

There are over 1300 different wine grapes in the world, made in multiple styles, with differing flavors based on the land and climate it came from. LET'S TRY THEM ALL!

About Myself:

I am most passionate about the wines of Oregon, which is why I moved back to Portland after spending 11 years away between Austin, TX and New Orleans, LA.

I have a Bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of New Orleans. Pretty fitting, as someone who read as many National Geographic magazines as possible, as an adolescent; pinning up the maps on my bedroom walls.

In terms of wine, most of my wine studies have been on my own accord over the last 15 years. I intentionally sought out the education and certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, where I received my Level 3 Certificate in Wine. Additionally, I passed the Level 1 exam of the Court of Master Sommeliers. (I ended my Somm. credentials there after deciding on a career pivot from restaurant service to business ownership, and after learning the Court was a toxic mess).

    • 🍷As Wine Director for Louisiana Pizza Kitchen in New Orleans, I brought in a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award in 2010 (a couple years after it was exposed for granting the award carelessly to a fake restaurant in Portland 🤣). Here, I managed an inventory of 500+ bottles of 100+ different types of wines. Naturally, I sent them a bright, flamboyant photo just in case they needed to add some color to to entertain their homogeneous readership.
      •  During my time at Louisana Pizza Kitchen, we utilized preservation technology with a WineKeeper™ nitrogen-pumped bottle system.  This allowed us to sell glass pours of premium selections, increase profit, and minimize product loss.
      • In 2011, I moved to Austin, Texas, and became employed by a pizza cult with a small but mighty Italian wine list. The highlight of my day was learning under the amazing, late, Raymond Aylward (Rest in Peace). Italy is known for having the largest amount of registered indigenous grapes, so the variety of grapes and climates has made me a big fan.
      • After several years of working with craft cocktails and spirit programs in Portland, OR, I chose to re-focus on wine (and spend more time with my family).  Working for a couple years at Bar Casa Vale in Portland, I was able to take a deep dive into Spanish Wine; where sherry and vermouth.
      • In 2020, a deeper understanding of wine was cemented after working as a harvest intern for Franchere Wine Company and Hanson Vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley AVA, followed up with a second year of working for their 2021 harvest.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to ever be a winemaker, but I was sure that I absolutely needed to participate in the process at least once in order to be an honest and serious wine specialist.

      With the pandemic-future looking uncertain, I decided the smartest bet, was to bet on myself.  I decided that I should own a wine shop, but I would need to take baby-steps toward it, due to the volatile economic environment of both Portland and the U.S.; in addition to not feeling psychic or cocky enough to see through the Covid-era information chaos. 

      So, in 2021, I started Bottle Trip Wines, to serve as a hub for selling my chosen wine selections, wine catering for events, and to provide consultation services. 

      Most of all- my mission is to help people explore their curiosity for wine, and offer direction, once they are ready to move beyond the wines at the grocery store and get started in investigating the flavors of over 1300 different wine grapes around this amazing planet.