Delivery Info:

  • Minimum purchase for delivery: six bottles
  • Cost: Free in the Portland-Metro area (West to Beaverton, South to Oregon City, East to Sandy.  If you live in Vancouver but work in Portland, I can bring it to your place of business, but I can not cross state lines to make the delivery.)
  • Sorry, no deliveries for less than six bottles.

Will you deliver outside of the PDX-metro area?

  • Yes, in the future, after the business grows.

Do you offer same day delivery?

  • Sorry, I was able to offer this at first, but it makes more sense (for myself and the environment) to lump my deliveries together all at once.  Your delivery day will be arranged via email, after you place your orer.

What hours do you deliver?

  • 10am-4pm on the day arranged, via email, after you place your order.

Can you ship wine?

  • In Oregon- no. Outside of Oregon- no. 

But I want one of the wines that you helped to make when you worked the 2020 & 2021 Harvest season.

  • Thank you for wanting some!  The wineries are set up with a shipping company and are able to ship the wine if you live in a state where they are not already distributed. I'll help you figure it out, just hit me up.