Custom Orders

To inquire about custom wine packages, please reach out through the contact form below.  Here are a few ideas for bringing you what you need. {12 bottle case minimum - free delivery}

    Home: Stock a little wine rack or plan your basement cellar.  Buying a case ahead of time will have you prepared to offer a wine experience for your family and friends during the holidays and special occasions!

    Business: Wine is perfect for employee and client gifts because it is not only a tangible product, but an experience and a pleasure.  Consider enhancing an employee or client party with smart and adventurous wine selections, it's sure to be a conversation starter for everyone.


    • Gifts Bottle Trip Wines to the rescue!  The gift of wine is not only a physical one, but an experience.  That’s two gifts in one! 🎉🎁
    • Custom Selections  Custom cases can be built on your preferences and requests.  Perfect for many home and business needs.
    • Dealer’s Choice  Let the expert decide- save money and time.  Ideal for clients who are looking to explore and try new wines beyond what they are used to
    • Blind Tasting Wine students and career-track wine professionals will benefit from a truly blind tasting experience with the selections we'll make based off our knowledge of the tasting parameters of most wine certifications from accredited institutions.