Wine & Cocktails

A lot of wines and wine-based products are utilized in cocktails, such as vermouth, sherry, and sparkling wine.

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Feel free to use some of the recipes I have created over the course of my years as a bartender; or get in touch if you would like one of these cocktails made in large volume to be served at a special event.

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No Collusion! 🍸

Photo by Jordan Hughes (High Proof Preacher)
Stir over ice for about 20 second and strain into coupe/martini glass
1.5 oz Walter Collective gin
1 oz sweet vermouth
.50 oz sherry (oloroso or amontillado)
.25 oz Campari
2 sprays of mezcal
Garnish: quick drizzle of Lemon agrumato oil on surface of drink



Orchard Air🍐🥂

Pour ingredients directly into flute or wine glass
1 oz New Deal Pear Brandy
Top with Moscato d'Asti (Preferably the real stuff from Italy, but the American version will do if necessary)
Express and drop in a lemon peel


Mon Chérie💞🥂

Pour ingredients straight into flute or wine glass
.50 oz Luxardo Maraschino
.50 oz Grand Marnier
Splash of cherry juice
Top with sparkling wine
Garnish: cherry



Side note: New Deal Ginger Liqueur is the best, most real and pure ginger liqueur I have tried amongst the range of options. 

Shake with ice, for 10-15 seconds, and strain into a flute:
.75 oz Luxardo Marashino
.50 oz New Deal Ginger Liqueur
.50 oz Lemon juice
.25 oz Honey syrup
2 dashes Scrappy's "Black Lemon" bitters (wonderful brand from Seattle)
Top with sparkling wine
Garnish: cherry