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Buondonno Rosso 2018

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Producer, bottle name:

Buondonno Toscana Rosso

Region, Year

Tuscany, Italy; 2018


Sangiovese blend (w/ Canaiolo, Merlot, Syrah)

Serving temp.

Room temp.


Organic, aged in concrete and large oak barrels. I have ignored Sangiovese for awhile, nothing from that grape or Tuscany has tasted pleasant to me for many years (although I never give up on a grape…I just take long breaks, or wait for it to come back to me).  This one got my attention.  I paired this with a salad of radicchio/citrus/anchovie Caesar dressing, and a pasta bolognese. I also would try it with: asparagus risotto, grilled broccoli raab/brocolini. Let me know if you tried any of this together!