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Floréz Free Solo (red blend) 2021

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Producer, bottle name:

Florèz Wines "Free Solo" (red blend)

Region, Year

📍Locarnini Vyd., Santa Clary Valley AVA, CA. 2021


Made from a field blend of: Carignan, Mouvedre, Zinfandel, and more?

Serving temp.

room temp.


 👅 Dry. Mulberry, eucalyptus, herbs, antiques.  I have loved this wine for about three years in a row.  Often, the flavor changes drastically from first opening to each hour that passes; and I recommend it best fresh and completely in the night it was opened.  Why?  I sense a component that enables rapid flavor degradation from its beautiful peak.  Flavor-wise, it’s a little meaty, savory, and herbal. I would pair this with various beef dishes that have a high aromatic component of wine broth and/or aromatic veggies with fresh herbs: stew, bourgogne, corned beef, and pot roast, or grilled veggies.