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Gonzales Wine Co. White malbec 2021

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Producer, bottle name:

Gonzalez Wine Company, Gold Vineyard, White Malbec

Region, Year

Rogue Valley AVA, OR; 2021



Serving temp.



A unique variation of rosé!  Supposedly, this is one of the only 2 White Malbecs in the U.S..  Why are we calling it White Malbec and not Malbec rosé?  The term “White (insert grape name here) or Blanc de (insert grape name here) means that the production style was very gentle in the pressing of the black grapes used, so as to not extract a lot of color or tannin (from the skins/seeds), resulting in just the quick release of juice out of the grape.  Often, the juice is as pale as a white wine, or at least- with a little pink tinge.  The name does not infer it will be sweet such as the famous American White Zinfandels from California. 


The style is gaining momentum here in Oregon, where several producers make tasty "blanc de noirs" like white pinot noirs, please look for them!  Founder and Winemaker Christina Gonzalez is a board member of AHIVOY as described above. Her website states, “There is no wine without grapes, and there are no grapes without those who work long days in the vineyard. These workers, or vineyard stewards, face socioeconomic challenges for which AHIVOY provides education and professional development to help overcome”