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Seasonal 6 pack: Autumn Adventure Thru Orange/Amber/Skin-contact White Wines (4 left!)

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I have really enjoyed a variety of Orange and/or Skin-contact White wines, because many of them are versatile in terms of being good at both room temperature or chilled, on a hot day or cold day, with food, or on its own.  

This very old method of wine production has found a contemporary resurgence, and I am a proponent of making sure it is here to stay.  This six pack was built for you to explore the possibilities of different varietals, blends, and levels of skin contact (which can lend it some tannin/mouth-feel, and bolder influence from the molecular compounds that make up the aroma and flavor).

I stumbled upon something this year: Orange wines/Skin contact wines are really good with all sorts of squash and zucchini.  In September, we made a butternut squash soup topped with cilantro and pepitas.  Earlier in August, we had some hard seared zucchini cooked in a cast-iron skillet one night, and then grilled on the BBQ soon after. Highly recommended.