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Sebestyén Bikavér (Hungarian red blend) 2018

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Producer, bottle name:

Sebestyén, Bikavér (red blend)

Region, Year

📍Szekszárd, Hungary. 2018


Made from a field blend of native Kékfrankos and Kadarka, with some Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Sagrantino.

Serving temp.

room temp.


 👅 Off-dry This wine has a pleasant aroma of herbs and minerals.  There was the desire to keep smelling it between sips, almost as if my sub-conscience was asking me to investigate where this came from. Just like when your cat or dog wants to smell your shoes after being gone all day.  Low tannin, smooth, fruit meats eat.  Aged in neutral Hungarian oak. Bikavér (aka Bull’s blood) is the name of the red blends from two specific regions in Hungary that follow rules specific to the style, which includes a minimum amount of 2 of it’s native grapes as listed above.  It only get’s better from here, keep trying it if you see it.