Wine Club

Hello Portland-metro area wine explorers!  Start tasting the world through our NO-commitment wine club!

There are over 1300 different wine grapes in the world, made in multiple styles, with differing flavors based on the land and climate it came from. Lets try them all!

Why should you get your wines from the BTW wine club?*

I choose quality, delicious wines that are special to me in some way. Most of the wines fall into the category of minimal-intervention, organic, bio-dynamic, and "natural". These are wines where you taste the true character of the grapes, and they could be life-changing for your palate.

BTW highlights a diverse array of passionate winemakers that care about the community in which they operate, while demonstrating care for their workforce and environment as best as they can.

While not exclusively, I do look for risk-takers who are working with rare or lesser-known grapes, or trying unorthodox styles and blends; and I am super passionate about Oregon wines in particular (I have a lot to say about that if you ever want to chat.)

 I look forward to sharing my finds with you!

*TLDR: All wines have been vetted and are not bulk discount wines owned by the same corporation, and made from the same juice but wearing a different label. This is actually a common wine club strategy. Fuck that shit!

Joining the wine club is easy and free.

No membership fee, no contract, no surprise automatic withdrawls from your account.
    1. Sign up for the newsletter
    2. Be the first to know when a new Seasonal 6-pack is released. Pay for it if you want it. (Quantities are limited, so you'll want to purchase it ASAP before it is announced to the general public. They will sell out).
    3. Receive an email for delivery arrangements

    Wine club members receive:

        • Six bottles of wine in various varieties
        • Bonus item/s
        • Occasional discounts (for example, for playing the Mystery 6-pack game, or being an early-bird buyer before a certain date)
        • An information sheet about your wine, the producers, recomended serving temperatures, and pairing ideas
        • Bonus tastings at events
        • More to come...
        • Free delivery in the Portland-metro area


    To see examples of previous Seasonal 6-packs, click here.

    To join the wine club, sign up below and comment "wine club"!