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Seasonal 6 Pack: Fall 2022 "A Grapevine named Sunny"

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Wine delivery is a fun perk of this e-commerce world we now live in, especially when you  leave it up to the skill and whimsy of your favorite Wino!  Send it to yourself, a friend, a loved one- everyone loves the treat of receiving a specially curated selection of wines that are perfect for the season.

🍁🌽🍇Fall 2022 Seasonal 6-pack: “A grapevine named Sunny”.

Great wine starts in the vineyard.  Terroir can not be reproduced or manufactured.  In these wines, you might taste flavors you are familiar with PLUS something you can not put your finger on. 

These wines are telling you who they are: small production, made with care, from happy vines…and a mysterious little je ne sais quois.  Best enjoyed with others, but if you’re going to hoard it all for yourself, try to save a glass for day 2, since these young bottles have a lot of emotion they want to express if you have a moment to listen. “My sunny one shines so sincere…” are the lyrics to an oldie that come to mind when I think of these wines. 🙂

Want to add on a mystery bottle, some vermouth for your cocktails, or just some more wine?  Click here: Add-ons!

🤓 Click here for a .pdf of details and details & notes for each wine. Feel free to comment in the Google .pdf if you have a favorite or a question.



-🚗FREE DELIVERY in the Portland-metro area. (Sorry, no shipping...this means via mail)

-🚫No substitutions, unless you happen to be one of the winemakers, then I will swap yours out with another wine 😁.

-📫You will receive an email after your purchase, in order to arrange delivery to your home or workplace.  I always begin this within minutes or hours of your purchase.  So, if you do not see it within 1 day, please check your spam/junk folders.